'Stories were meant to be heard.' TM

Playwright Larry Bratt a.k.a. the 'Lifer Writer' is no stranger to  long sentences. Indeed, he's serving two of them in the Maryland prison system where he's been crafting prose for four decades while other inmates are taking yard time. If there's a finer example of reform, no one's told his brothers behind bars. To date, Larry has authored more than 40 Op-Ed features on societal benefits of prison reform for the BALTIMORE SUN and WASHINGTON POST; has written two, soon to be published children's books with a third in development; launched a prison hospice program for terminally ill inmates and a 'Reading Behind the Walls' program that provides picture books and middle grade fiction for inmates to read to their children during monthly visits. Packed with two inches worth of accolades, including one commendation from the Assistant Attorney General of Maryland (2013), Larry's parole file reads like the gold standard for model inmates who devote lifetimes to turning around their lives. 

'The Fate of Hyder Keys' is Larry's second audio drama. His previous work, 'SELDOM SEEN, NEVER HEARD,' 
was taken to the air on Northern California free range radio (KPCA.fm) by the Petaluma Radio Players in 2018.