'Stories were meant to be heard.' TM

In 2099, 12-year-old boy genius, Hyder Keys, has already bested four college placement tests, is reading at the Graduate level, and, although he took out a few weeks to perfect a teleportation device, is bored out of his skull. Desperate for mental stimulation, Hyder eagerly looks forward to working on his PhD at the 'Harvard Enlightenment Program'. But he's got a big strike against him: his skin color. And a high school administration steeped in prejudice against know-it-alls like Hyder. Now Fortune 500 conglomerate, Apple A1 Worldwide, wants him. So does the U.S. Government. So does China. Someone among them wants him...dead. And all before recess. 
​In this new SciFi audio drama by 'Lifer Playwright,' Larry Bratt, social justice collides with profit and power in a four-part, multicast, scripted entertainment experience that will startle some, enrage others, but compel everyone to wonder where the world is heading if it still hasn't learned lessons from the past. You won't need a teleportation device to see where all this is going. But you might want to reconsider repeating 7th grade. For some bright kids, it could be a matter of life or death.